Connecticut/Rhode Island Area Pinball
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Top Banana Top Banana
Earned for qualifying for the playoffs as #1 seed in your division.

Introduced 04/01/2015

Players With This Badge (23)

PlayerDate Earned
Justin "Sour J" Blair03/12/2020
Matthew "The Polish Hammer" Szewczyk03/12/2020
Brian "Babycakes" Bushey03/12/2020
Jimi “B Division” Swain11/02/2019
Bob “The Viper” Kane11/02/2019
Davey “The Player” Plaisted11/02/2019
Ed "Superfly" Giardina05/23/2019
Emily “Slayer” May05/23/2019
Ed "Taillight Killa" Jacques05/23/2019
Matt “Thunderlips” Boschert02/26/2019
George “The Animal” Magyar02/26/2019
Kevin "Bone Storm" Shea10/09/2018
Andy “Honest Andy” Obelnicki10/09/2018
Vin “The Chin” Tanuis10/09/2018
Kate "The Ace" Finegan10/09/2018
Stephanie "The Horror" Harvey05/21/2018
Tom “The Machine” Nelson05/21/2018
David “The Taxman” Tkacs05/21/2018
Holly “Crazy Cat Lady” Danowski05/21/2018
Mark “The Butcher” Carvey02/27/2018
Frank “The Flying Scotsman” Wallace02/27/2018
Bill “Earthshaker” Galligan02/27/2018
Joshua "The Giggler" Martins02/27/2018