Connecticut/Rhode Island Area Pinball
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Hit the Mark Hit the Mark
Earned for having a machine score ending in 000,000.

Introduced 04/01/2015

Players With This Badge (16)

PlayerDate Earned
Chris "El Kabong" Roche05/02/2019
Tommy "The Trunk" Loranger04/11/2019
Anthony "Big" Lambos Sr02/19/2019
"Swell" Kelly Wells09/18/2018
Vin “The Chin” Tanuis08/28/2018
Lorenzo “The Big Ragu” Manginelli08/28/2018
Rick “The Quick” Eriksen08/28/2018
Davey “The Player” Plaisted08/28/2018
Eric ”Big Mo” Moberg02/06/2018
Keith ”The stump” Merril02/06/2018
Patrick “Father John” Fenton Jr.01/30/2018
Dean “The Woodsman” Lennert01/30/2018
Eric "Legs" Connoly01/23/2018
Dan “Triforce” Kane01/23/2018
Ellie "Hellfire" Pelletier01/23/2018
Mark “The Butcher” Carvey01/23/2018