Connecticut/Rhode Island Area Pinball
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The Air Up There The Air Up There
Earned for having the highest overall point total during a season.

Introduced 04/01/2015

Players With This Badge (20)

PlayerDate Earned
Ashton “Slim Shady” Capone04/04/2019
Tommy "The Trunk" Loranger01/08/2019
Dave "The DeRegulator" Barnes01/08/2019
Eric ”Big Mo” Moberg01/08/2019
Matt "Dirty Optoz" Petrarca 10/09/2018
Kevin "Bone Storm" Shea10/09/2018
Davey “The Player” Plaisted09/25/2018
Brian "Babycakes" Bushey09/04/2018
Lorenzo “The Big Ragu” Manginelli09/04/2018
Nick Destefano08/21/2018
Chris “Hollow” Point04/30/2018
Holly “Crazy Cat Lady” Danowski04/23/2018
Frank “The Flying Scotsman” Wallace04/02/2018
Ed "Superfly" Giardina02/13/2018
Matt “Thunderlips” Boschert02/06/2018
Justin "Sour J" Blair02/06/2018
Mark “The Butcher” Carvey02/06/2018
Keith ”The stump” Merril01/16/2018
Mike “Big Shady” Capone01/09/2018
Jimi “B Division” Swain01/09/2018