Connecticut/Rhode Island Area Pinball
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Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror
Earned for having a palindromic machine score.

Introduced 04/01/2015

Players With This Badge (88)

PlayerDate Earned
Celeste "Little Pony Neigh Neigh Neigh" Kessler05/13/2024
Timothy "Twinkle Toes" Dargan02/13/2024
Corey "Ball Buster" Scott01/30/2024
Ariana "The Amazonian" Kabel11/13/2023
Mell "Shrimp Shack Shooter" Scalzi11/13/2023
John "In The Begining" Enders10/09/2023
Ryan “Greenhorn” Fearn10/02/2023
Brian Lee08/03/2023
Brenda “Ready, Willing and” Kabel06/26/2023
Jason "The Other JAW" Watts06/12/2023
Greg "The Great Wall" Eng06/12/2023
Nancy “The Punisher” Lennert05/29/2023
Jimi “B Division” Swain02/20/2023
Scott "The Outlaner" Temple02/20/2023
Drew "The Jackal" Bligh01/30/2023
Lorrie "The Maverick" Schaller01/30/2023
Mike "The. Mask" Masci01/26/2023
Walter "Kingpin" Salazar01/23/2023
John "Sir Missalot" Whitehead01/02/2023
Kristen "The Cheesemonger" Bayusik08/15/2022
Alyssa "Number Cruncher" Lee07/25/2022
Christi "Squirrelleaux" Dreadd07/25/2022
Nick "You Betcha" Bettcher02/28/2022
Sarah "Sledgehammer" Stroh02/21/2022
Chris "El Kabong" Roche02/14/2022
Chris "Liquid Beef" Daly01/31/2022
Jason "Karate Kid" Corrado01/31/2022
Ashton “Slim Shady” Capone01/24/2022
Tom “The Machine” Nelson01/24/2022
Tyler "The Wizard of" Aas11/02/2021
Chris “Smooth Talker” Scheibel02/27/2020
Selwyn "The Winner" Wilson02/20/2020
Randy "Number 9" D'Angelo02/13/2020
Steve “The Greaser” Longchamps02/13/2020
Ron “Canadian Thunder” Benoit11/02/2019
Philip "The Jeep" Warrenger10/19/2019
Dave "Boss Man" Schaller10/05/2019
Camden "Sleep Shady" Capone10/05/2019
Matt “Thunderlips” Boschert09/28/2019
Tom "The Tulip" Latulipe05/02/2019
Johnny "Thunders" Garrity04/25/2019
Frank "Big Stack" Whibey04/25/2019
Dan “The Razor” Carnein04/25/2019
Kevin "Bone Storm" Shea04/04/2019
Scotty “Too Hotty” Wilson04/04/2019
Bill “The Scribe” Scheibel02/19/2019
Andy “The Walrus” Stevens02/12/2019
Jack "The Patched Pulverizer" Shanahan02/05/2019
Laura "Lawless" Timmons01/29/2019
Bill “Satan's Shadow” Galligan01/22/2019
Caitlin "Oscar" Meyer01/15/2019
Jeff "Gettin Jiggy With It" Phelps01/15/2019
"Swell" Kelly Wells01/15/2019
Jennifer "Yogini" Szewczyk 01/15/2019
Augustus "Augmandoom" Eustis01/15/2019
Ted “T-Bone” Trautman01/08/2019
Declan "D-Man" Kane01/08/2019
Holly “Crazy Cat Lady” Danowski10/09/2018
Troy “The Mole” Damiano10/09/2018
Tom “The Reputation" Coltart10/02/2018
Tommy "The Lone Ranger" Loranger09/11/2018
Wes "Westofferson" Frosolone09/11/2018
Dan “Triforce” Kane09/11/2018
Glenn "Flips" McGee09/04/2018
Lorenzo “The Big Ragu” Manginelli09/04/2018
Wayne “Sweet Daddy” Savage08/28/2018
Mike “Big Shady” Capone08/21/2018
Stephanie "The Horror" Harvey08/21/2018
Brad "Ford" Dupont05/21/2018
Chris “Cannoli Party” Point05/21/2018
Dean “The Woodsman” Lennert05/14/2018
David “The Taxman” Tkacs04/16/2018
Keith ”The stump” Merril04/16/2018
Frank “The Flying Scotsman” Wallace04/09/2018
Jim “Fire and Brimstone” Poliner04/02/2018
George “The Animal” Magyar04/02/2018
Mike "Mike" Alves02/27/2018
Gary "Gare-Bear The Knucklehead" Chobanian02/20/2018
Matthew "The Polish Hammer" Szewczyk02/20/2018
Mark “The Lumberjack” Filipelli02/20/2018
Andy “Honest Andy” Obelnicki02/06/2018
Chris “Thunderdome” Dirga02/06/2018
Emily “Slayer” May01/30/2018
Rick “Roll” Sinkiewicz01/30/2018
Rick “The Quick” Eriksen01/30/2018
Jim “USA” O'Brien01/16/2018
Joe “Git ‘er done” Duer01/16/2018
Davey “The Player” Plaisted01/16/2018