Connecticut/Rhode Island Area Pinball
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Earned for duplicating a score previously recorded on a machine.

Introduced 04/01/2015

Players With This Badge (62)

PlayerDate Earned
Bill “The Scribe” Scheibel03/07/2022
Sarah "Sledgehammer" Stroh02/28/2022
Kevin "Speed Racer" Redline02/21/2022
John "In The Begining" Enders12/27/2021
Barbara "Barb'd Wire" Martin12/27/2021
Jimi “B Division” Swain12/27/2021
Dean “The Woodsman” Lennert11/29/2021
Geoffrey "Yahtzee" Wolken11/29/2021
Nick "You Betcha" Bettcher11/29/2021
Tony "Mr Meatencheese" Noel11/29/2021
Chris "El Kabong" Roche11/09/2021
Matt "The Hitman" Hallet03/05/2020
Brian "Babycakes" Bushey02/27/2020
Rick “The Quick” Eriksen02/06/2020
Davey “The Player” Plaisted01/30/2020
Dan “The Razor” Carnein01/30/2020
"Sensible" Kevin Duffy01/23/2020
Matt "Dirty Optoz" Petrarca 01/23/2020
Rick “Roll” Sinkiewicz10/12/2019
George “The Animal” Magyar10/05/2019
Andy “Honest Andy” Obelnicki09/28/2019
Lorrie "The Maverick" Schaller09/28/2019
Matt “Thunderlips” Boschert09/28/2019
Scott "The Top" Temple09/14/2019
Kristen "The Cheesemonger" Bayusik09/14/2019
Dan “Triforce” Kane09/14/2019
Chris “Cannoli Party” Point05/23/2019
Declan "D-Man" Kane05/16/2019
Bill “Earthshaker” Galligan05/16/2019
Tom “First Place” Coltart05/16/2019
Wayne “Sweet Daddy” Savage05/09/2019
Mike “Big Shady” Capone05/09/2019
Peregrine “The Savage” Lennert05/02/2019
Brenda “Ready, Willing and” Kabel04/04/2019
Stephanie "The Horror" Harvey04/04/2019
Chris “The Living Nightmare” Scheibel02/26/2019
Mark "The Badger" Baldwin02/12/2019
Tom "Le Justice" Latulipe02/05/2019
Dominic "D-Stroyah" Nardini01/22/2019
Nancy “The Punisher” Lennert01/22/2019
Ted “T-Bone” Trautman01/22/2019
Brad "Ford" Dupont01/15/2019
Chris “Thunderdome” Dirga01/15/2019
"Swell" Kelly Wells01/08/2019
Caitlin "Oscar" Meyer01/08/2019
Jared "Benoit Balls" Ose01/08/2019
Joshua "The Giggler" Martins10/02/2018
Ed "Superfly" Giardina10/02/2018
Rod "Nacho Libre" Cordoba10/02/2018
Ron “Canadian Thunder” Benoit10/02/2018
Tim "The Beard" Benoit09/25/2018
Ashton “Slim Shady” Capone09/11/2018
Jim “USA” O'Brien09/04/2018
Wes "Westofferson" Frosolone08/28/2018
Andy “The Walrus” Stevens05/14/2018
Mark “The Lumberjack” Filipelli05/07/2018
Eric ”Big Mo” Moberg04/23/2018
Emily “Slayer” May04/23/2018
Frank “The Flying Scotsman” Wallace04/09/2018
Steve “The Greaser” Longchamps02/27/2018
Mark “The Butcher” Carvey02/27/2018
Holly “Crazy Cat Lady” Danowski02/13/2018